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Wizz Air - Dubai Guide Jan 18

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Wizz Air - Roadshows

Ladies and Gents,

Included are the new T& Conditions for joining Wizz Air with improved benefits. 

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Wizz has indicated that they are conducting interviews and sim checks in Dubai from 15 - 20 January 2018. This would be over 2 days in Dubai and factoring in travel time, would make it a 4 day event - at the very least.
These dates were only forwarded to me recently, so if your airline works on a bidding system, there might not have been time to bid for those days off. Wizz Air is aware of this.

I personally did not think that this would suite most applicants and I will be working with them and suggesting that they rather conduct their interviews in Johannesburg during or after February - with a sim check, once I have sourced a suitable sim. If you are interested in the January offer, please advise me - but an online application would have had to be made and the reference number, once received, forwarded to me

Wizz Air has asked me to publish this document - which includes an outline and rough guide of salary packages.
I do note that they have not included detailed sector allowance, which in some cases might be as high as 195 Euros per sector.

I would like to clarify one possible misconception - you can negotiate a base, subject to availability, during the recruitment process. There might a waiting list for popular bases but - at present - this would be a maximum of about 30 months for the three most popular bases (Budapest, London and Prague). You can place your name on a waitlist for a preferred base and this is strictly complied with on a first come first serve basis (not seniority). I expect the waiting lists to be shortened considerably with the impending expansion of the airline. You can also base your family in the preferred city of choice and commute on your days off. Commuting is on the Wizz Air network and done by making your own bookings online and seats are confirmed without preconditions - at no cost but on seat availability.
As far as the wording, interpretation of contents and the finer details are concerned, I might not be in a position to provide all the answers as I have a few questions myself. It might be prudent to contact Wizz Air directly via their website for further information or clarity. 

It is my intention to set up a meeting with the Wizz Air management in Budapest to familiarise myself with all their conditions and sift through the promotional stuff so that I can disseminate the correct information to all interested parties.


Claudio Ferri

Wizz Air Hungary

To all A319/320/330/340 rated pilots:

A Hungarian low cost carrier – Wizz Air Hungary is looking for pilots to operate their growing fleet of A320/321 aircraft. They have placed an order for over 100 A320/321 neo’s and are intending to recruit pilots in South Africa to fill their vacancies. Wizz Air is centrally based in Budapest but they have 26 bases – mainly in Eastern Europe where crew will operate their aircraft to 140 destinations. They intend arriving in South Africa in January/ Febraury 2018 to conduct preliminary interviews and information roadshows.

Interested pilots are requested to submit a basic CV comprising date of birth, passport and flying experience.

Some relevant information to assist prospective applicants:

  1. This is not a contract but an offer of permanent employment.
  2. SA passport holders are welcome.
  3. The Hungarian Government has given the assurance that Hungarian EU passports and citizenship will be conferred to all who have worked for Wizz Air, regardless of their base, provided they have been in the employ of Wizz Air- for a minimum period of 5 years. This is extended to all family members who would also have to meet the 5 year residency requirement.
  4. Family members are actively encouraged to seek employment in Hungary.
  5. SA ATPL Licences, with a valid medical, will be accepted and endorsed for two years – after which an EASA licence will be required.
  6. First Officers with more than 3500 total flying hours will immediately be upgraded to Captain
  7. Captains will be permitted to work after the compulsory retirement age at SAA of 63 for a further 2 years. The retirement age at Wizz Air is 65 years.
  8. Salaries are competitive. The tax base in Hungary is low ( about 15% ). Full medical benefits are free. Living costs are amongst the lowest in all of Europe.

Further information will be provided at their feedback/ road show sessions. As an expression of intent, Wizz Air would like to process the CV’s of prospective applicants before they make the journey to South Africa.

These CV’s can be submitted to me: Claudio Ferri: e-mail address:

My knowledge about all the conditions of service is limited so I would prefer questions to be deferred to the road show to be conducted next year. 


Contact Us

Head Office:
A: 10 Blockhouse Street Kempton Park 1619

Contact Us:
Tel.  (011) 394-5310

ALPA-SA: Emergency number:

27 82 826 5007

or 27 11 394 5310

MAYDAY Helpline


Ask for "MAYDAY"

IFALPA Emergency number: 
+44 (0) 1202 653 110 (24hrs)


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