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IFALPA Position Paper - Protection from Ionizing Radiation

pdf18POS02_-_Protection_from_Ionizing_Radiation.pdf249.28 KB


The Fatigue Survey has now closed.  Thank you to all those who submitted a response.

Medication and Flying

A revised and updated Pharmacology (medication) list was approved by CARCOM and came into effect on 1 June 2017.


Click here to view:  pdfPharmacology.pdf6.62 MB

The Pilot/AME Relationship

pdfLeaflet-Ame-final.pdf957.25 KB

Ebola in West Africa update 31 August

pdfEVD_Virus_Disease_outbreak_update_31_August.pdf407.13 KB

IFALPA Fatigue Management

Follow this link to read the latest IFALPA Position Paper on Fatigue Managment..

IFALPA_Position_Fatigue_management.pdf637.43 KB


Annual medical examination


The Airline Pilots’ Association South Africa is delighted to announce that with the promulgation of the Civil Aviation Regulations, which took effect yesterday 1 August 2012, pilots over 40 years of age, operating in a multicrew environment in commercial air transport operations, will only have to undergo an annual medical examination, instead of twice yearly.

Please click on the the following link for the full Government Gazette Clause relating to the above:

pdfGoverment_Gazette_67.00.6_Medical.pdf651.92 KB



pdfUnderstanding_South_Africas_Aviation_Medical_Regulations.pdf70.02 KB

Aviation Laser Exposure

Self-Assessment (ALESA)

This self-assessment is designed to aid pilots, air-traffic controllers, or flight crew members who have been exposed to a laser beam in making a decision on whether or not to see an eye specialist.

pdfAviation_Laser_Exposure_-_Self_Assesment_ALESA.pdf134.83 KB


Skin Cancer article - African Pilot Magazine

pdfSkin_Cancer_article_-_Nov_15_African_Pilot.pdf297.31 KBDecember 2015 cover African Pilot

Smoothing Automation

Pilots need guidelines for deciding how much to rely on automation.....

See this link for more information.

pdfSmoothing_Automations_path.pdf291.15 KB

Refractive surgery techniques for vision correction

pdf13MEDBL02_-_Refractive_surgery_techniques_for_vision_correction.pdf367.3 KB

ICAO State Letter 2014/83: Laser illumination and flight safety

Follow this link to read the ICAO State Letter....

pdfLaser_illumination_and_flight_safety_14_83.pdf98.61 KB

Outcome of the International Volcanic Ash Task Force

Please click on the link below for the ICAO State letter 2013/3: Outcome of the International Volcanic Ash Task Force for your information.  Thank you to Heinz who was the very able IFALPA representative to this Task Force assisted by Jochem van Koppen and Carlos Garcia Royo. (Source IFALPA)

pdfICAO_State_letter_2013_3_-_Outcome_of_the_International_Volcanic_Ash_Task_Force.pdf76.63 KB


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