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Cyber Threats

Intersting reading regarding Cyber Threats from IFALPA..

Security at the Olympic Games

The Security Meeting was held in Helsinki from the 16 to the 18 June and was attended by Carl Hager. The Security meeting was followed by the Dangerous Goods meeting which Carl Hager also attended. 

At the meeting the DG Committee raised concerns that some Dangerous Goods may be used to manufacture IEDS (Improvised Explosive Devices). The last example  was the IEDS in the printer cartridges. These cartridges were found onboard a freighter aircraft from the Middle East bound for the USA.

Carl discussed some of the security measures for the 2012 London Olympics with Martin Drake, the BALPA representative and Martin kindly arranged for permission for ALPA-SA to to publish excerpts from the BALPA Magazine, The Log, which includes an interesting article on Olympic related security. See link below. 

pdfBALPA_LOG_June_-_Olympics_12.pdf9.4 MB

For more information, the following link to the Royal Institute of Navigation leads to the Airspace Management for the London Olympics:  

Below is also a link to the document in which BALPA cooperated with the Ministry of Defence in the UK, the Department of Transport in the UK,  the Metropolitan Police Service, the Association of Chief Police Officers as well as NATS. This is a very comprehensive document on UK PROCEDURES FOR DEALING WITH AIRBORNE SECURITY EVENTS. 

pdfInterception_Procedures.pdf90.35 KB

pdf110614_UK_Procedures_for_Dealing_with_Airborne_Security_Events_cov_letter.pdf244.1 KB

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