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29 Deficiencies


Carl Bollweg - RVP AFI South


Deficiencies in aerodromes or airspaces are categorised as follows:

  • Deficient : Indicating that an aerodrome or airspace has one or more deficiencies which constitute a hazard to the safety, regularity or efficiency of flight operations.
  • Critically Deficient (Black Star): Indicating that due to the serious nature of the deficiency (ies), Special Operational Measures (SOMs) will have to be applied.
  • Special Category : Indicating that the aerodrome or airspace has naturally occurring hazards, which create significant operational difficulties e.g. mountainous terrain or severe weather conditions.


Each Member Association (MA) is responsible for monitoring the aerodromes and airspaces over which its State or Territory exercises jurisdiction. Where an aerodrome or airspace is under the jurisdiction of a State or Territory where no IFALPA Member Association exists, the appropriate IFALPA Regional Vice-President (RVP) is considered to be responsible.

Deficiency reports - such as the DF/9 - are used to identify specific individual problems within a particular aerodrome or airspace.


Where deficiencies are identified the MA or, in the absence of a MA in a particular State or Territory, the appropriate RVP will inform the local authority/service provider in writing. A copy will also be sent to the local ICAO and IATA offices.

In the event that the authority/service provider does not respond or is not willing to co-operate or does not rectify the deficiencies, it will be advised in writing that the MA and/or RVP will apply to the Principal Officers for the aerodrome or airspace to be formally classified as Deficient or Critically Deficient (Black Star).

I trust that this information will provide some more background to the importance of submitting DF/9 reports as well as any other incident reporting system that your company provides.

Source: C Bollweg

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