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Advice on the carriage of disabled passengers and PRMs

One of the consequences of an aging population is the number of people with some degree of disability or reduced mobility (Passengers with Reduced Mobility – PRM) choosing to travel by air, is increasing.

In some States there is a clearly defined legal requirement - the US for example has the Americans with Disabilities Act. Likewise, in some airlines there are clearly defined procedures which define the parameters for the carriage of PRMs while at others the decision is passed to the Pilot in Command.

It is also apparent that there have been cases where there has been inconsistency - PRMs accepted for one leg of a trip but rejected for a subsequent leg with the same airline - clearly a scenario which could lead to needless distress.

The purpose of this Briefing Leaflet, which is based on ECAC Doc 30 and its Appendices, is to help flight crews understand the implications of different types of disability and the consequent levels of assistance that may be required by PRMs.

Below is the link to the latest Briefing Leaflet issued by IFALPA's Aircraft Design and Operations Committee which offers advice concerning PRMs;%20Operation/12ADOBL01%20-%20Passengers%20with%20reduced%20mobility%20advice.pdf

Source: IFALPA

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