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Mutual Support - (MALPA)  Mauritian Airline Pilots' Association

Dear Colleagues,
The Mauritian Airline Pilots' Association (MALPA) has recently requested 'Mutual Support' from IFALPA's Member Associations - which includes ALPA-SA. 
By default, this means that the request extends to ALPA-SA's Branch Membership, i.e. SAAPA, CPA, SAXPA and APA, and also to ALPA-SA's non-Branch Membership.
The Mauritian pilots are enduring 'challenging times' in their relationship with their employer, Air Mauritius, and this has included the summary dismissal of a number of Air Mauritius pilots.
Air Mauritius has recruited a large number of South African pilots over the years, and they might be tempted to do so again in order to solve their current crewing problems.
ALPA-SA supports its fellow IFALPA Member, MALPA, in its attempts to secure fairer and more equitable working conditions.
As a result, we ask that you examine your conscience before taking up employment with Air Mauritius, or agreeing to a request by your current South African employer to assist Air Mauritius in operating its flights without advising them that this puts you in an invidious moral and ethical dilemma. These actions will weaken the bargaining power of the Air Mauritius pilot group, and will put you in the difficult position of being 'scab labour' in a dispute that is not of your making.  You also need to ask yourself whether you are happy to accept conditions of employment which are inferior to current Air Mauritius pilots’ contracts. 
Kind regards,
William Rooken-Smith

The history of Central Flying School(CFS)

The book covers the history of Central Flying School(CFS) and the pupil pilot courses at Dunnottar where most military pilots did their initial training. 

The writer is the father of an Emirates pilot that used to be in SAA and the SAAF. 

For more information, follow this link...pdfThe_history_of_Central_Flying_School_CFS.pdf213.79 KB

Language requirements for Medical Reports

Re: Application for the Aviation Medical Certificate (Afrikaans Medical Reports)

The South African Civil Aviation Authority has in the past received a number of complaints regarding the delays in the administration in the processing of aviation medical certification documents. In order to address this matter, the CAA has been in consultation with the relevant stakeholder to investigate the root courses and identified challenges at different levels in the processing of medical certification and possible interventions order to address these.

Amongst some of the numerous challenges identified is late and insuffient submission of documents to the CAA /IAM offices prior to the Aeromedical Committee Panel Meeting. The Terms of Reference applicable to the Aeromedical Committee attached, stipulates that all the relevant documentation to be submitted seven (7) working days before the Aeromedical Committee Meeting, which is scheduled for every 3rd Tuesday of the month. This allows the medical department of the CAA time to properly prepare cases for presentation.

The 2nd challenge is the  submission of reports in languages other than the English language (mostly Afrikaans), which disadvantages both the applicant  and  the Medical Department of the CAA as the  team often  resort to Google translate in order to convert the document into English which has its own limitations  and  very often lead to medical terminology being  lost in  translation ,this has a potential to  vital medical information  being  lost to the applicant’s detriment. The medical department waste enormous time typing these reports in preparation for Google Translate, instead of researching the topics being presented to argue for the applicants.

Part 67.00.4 of the Civil Aviation Technical Standards (3g), which refers to the Designation of Aviation Medical Examiners to the Director of Civil Aviation Authority, makes reference to the following:

  • proof of the ability to read, write, speak, and understand the English language


The medical department of the CAA therefore appeals that you assist in improving the services rendered to applicants by ensuring that all reports submitted to the department are in the English language. This will ensure fair, proper representation, proper representation without prejudice of the applicants


Dr.Lesego Bogatsu

SM:Aviation Medicine Department


DC-3: The unbelievable airliner that just won't quit

Interesting article .....

A Pilots Shortage ? Nope. Its all about money.

Interesting reading...(Source - Air Line Pilot April 2014)..

pdfArticle_-_Air_Line_Pilot_April_2014.pdf132.11 KB


Fatigue Risk Management

Please read the attached articles on two safety related issues, Fatigue and Recoveries, which are interesting reading.

pdfFatigue_Risk_America_-_July_12.pdf505.03 KB

pdfGraduated_Approach_Recovery_-_July_12.pdf505.03 KB

Skybrary News

This is the latest from Skybrary and very relevant to todays High Risk in Aviation - Upset Recognition and Recovery, as highlighted by Ie AF447.

pdfSKYbrary_Highlights.pdf135.38 KB

ACAS II Bulletin no 15

pdfACAS_bulletin_151.pdf253.38 KB

Please find attached the information about published ACAS II Bulletin no 15,

Source: EUROCONTROL Voluntary ATM Incident Reporting (EVAIR) Function Manager

ALPA-SA Constitution

ALPA-SA Constitution Documents Amended
pdfClick Here, to download file 


ALPA-SA Constitution Documents
pdfClick Here, to download file

Airbus to make Cockpit Changes

ISTANBUL -- European jet manufacturer Airbus, expanding cockpit automation across its entire model lineup, is introducing a new feature to help planes fly close to each other in busy airspace without triggering airborne-collision warnings.
pdfClick Here, to download file

Malaria Information for Pilots

Avoiding mosquito bites is more important than using preventitive drugs.

pdfClick Here, to download file

Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash: A guide for Airline Pilots

pdfClick Here, to download file

Contact Us

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A: 10 Blockhouse Street Kempton Park 1619

Contact Us:
Tel.  (011) 394-5310

ALPA-SA: Emergency number:

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or 27 11 394 5310

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