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Affliated Group News

The ALPA-SA Executive has decided to re-structure our portfolios, by adding an additional "Group" to the fold of ALPA-SA.  This group will serve to accommodate the members who are flying for airlines where there is no formal branch in place, such as Mango, 1-Time, Airlink as well as charter/contract companies.

This portfolio will be called "AFFILLIATED GROUPS", which will report directly under the ALPA-SA President's portfolio of activities and will be chaired by Natie Kroukam.

The members falling in this group will have direct access and representation to the ALPA-SA Executive as well as all the professional and industrial committee structures, which are presently in place.  Should a member encounter any problem, he/she can discuss the matter with Natie who will assess the matter and then refer it to the respective responsible committee/person, in the same way as the current branch structure functions.  ALPA-SA will also invite the members of every group to meet and discuss issues which pertain to that specific group of members.

Should the membership of any particular airline grow and develop to the point where branch status could be obtained, then the group will be assisted to structure a committee and the process will be in the correct order to ensure branch status.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Natie Kroukam at 082 378 1082 or email at



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